An Introduction

An Introduction

BruceNoMoreCasualtiesI am a steam-powered human.

I’ve smoked since I was 12. Started when I found I wouldn’t get sick on the second-hand smoke from my parents cigarettes. After 42 years of smoking my lungs protested violently. I’ve tried every form of NRT (the gum works, sort-of as a short-term (hours) substitute), but couldn’t stick with them and always ended up smoking again. Knowing I had to kick the burning leaf I researched e-cigarettes through CASAA and, using the advice of the fellowship at E-Cigarette Forum, made a committed purchase of equipment. It takes a (very) little while to learn to ‘vape’; once some skill is acquired it becomes natural. In short order I found the burning leaf intolerable, preferring my e-cigarettes instead.

After three months, I went for a visit with my doctor. He immediately commented on how much better I looked, and after giving me the once-over how much better my chest sounded. While I’ll always have stage I COPD due to the emphysema the chronic bronchitis flares very rarely now. Heavy concentrations of cigarette smoke will set it off as will seasonal allergies. However, being in our local e-cigarette shop does NOT cause a flare up! I’m impressed as there is usually a large number of fellow ‘vapers’ gathered and the clouds, were they cigarette smoke, would certainly cause a flare.

It is now many years since my last tobacco cigarette (9/27/12), I’ve reduced the strength of nicotine from 24mg/ml to 3mg/ml and I am comfortable and much healthier. Thanks to the free availability of an electronic vapor alternative I am tobacco free for the longest I have ever been. I don’t smell awful, I don’t hack constantly, I can taste and smell subtleties I’ve missed while smoking and I spend a fraction of what I paid for tobacco products or prescription NRT.

My vaping equipment list has grown and changed as I’ve become more experienced and developed my tastes. I have several flavors developed that please me and will likely keep me entertained should the Vaping Apocalypse come to pass. I am a member of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA), was invited to serve on the board, and elected vice-president. My passion for smoke-free alternatives keeps me fighting so that others have the same opportunity I had to get free of the smoke.

In Real Life I retired from my first career of 25+ years engineering software and hardware solutions as a consultant and entrepreneur to become an award winning Trauma/Surgical nurse working at a Level I trauma center located in the heart of fly-over country for the last 10 years.  Married twice, widowed once, I am truly a twice-blessed man. I share my space with the second love of my life, and a large orange Tabby cat named Schrodinger, plus three dogs: Gizmo (Chorkie), Boudie (Choodle) and Josie (Yorkie). When I’m not spending my time working or being a canine entertainment device, I blog on things political, philosophical and poetic here: The Adventures of a Reluctant Thaumaturge.  I also can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

The opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent those of any employer, past or present, nor any organization I may be associated with. Any stories that contain medical treatments or encounters are fictionalized, any resemblance to any patient is purely coincidental. Nothing here should be construed as medical advice, if you need medical advice seek the care of a licensed and board certified physician one-on-one in person as the Internet is terrible at doctoring.

3 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. I have just found your blog through a post of your “The Real Dangers of Teens Inhaling Vapor” on one of my groups, the Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada (“THRA”), where I am a member of the Board of Directors. I find your articles thoughtful, well-written with credible cites and I appreciate that very much. I have subscribed for new posts and look forward to your future thoughts. Vape safe…vape strong…and always fight for our right to vape.

    1. Thanks for the warm reception. Yes that article and others still make the rounds. I blog infrequently, but with a point (I hope) in each post. I believe that vaping is the best yet alternative for smokers who have tried and failed to quit using other methods. For that reason, the future yet-to-be vaper, I continue to advocate.
      You can “meet” me in the first-ever episode of a new bi-weekly advocacy channel called Attainable Advocacy. Follow the channel on your Google+ account at

      As always, Vape Safe & Vape Strong

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